Jasper Nevens

He has been fascinated by computers since he was 10 years old, on 13 his first website was online. But from the beginning his interest went to small embedded computing devices and electronics. Until now he has more than 6 years of experience with C development on various platforms, from 8-bit micro-controllers, Linux Kernel device drivers and Userspace applications.

In the years that he worked as a consultant, he had been on various interesting embedded projects, gaining a lot of experience and knowledge. And he is always available to share that with you!

EMCO-Services BVBA

EMCO-Services BVBA is a small consultancy company founded by Jasper Nevens on 10 december of 2012 to work as a freelance embedded consultant. The goal of EMCO-Services is to provide companies with help and solutions for the development of their embedded devices (whether these are micro-controllers or Linux based controllers).



All problems are different: some are hard, some are easy, some are beyond the knowledge of your company. And there we can step in, we work together with your developers to tackle your embedded problems. Support by porting Linux or Android to your custom design or developing embedded application that fits your needs.

With years of experience I can help with all your embedded Linux and Android problems, this on short or long-therm co-location.

Checkout my LinkedIn page for relevant information about my CV.

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EMCO-Services BVBA

Jasper Nevens
Kwaenijkstraat 5
3191 Hever

GSM: +32 477/17.62.04
E-Mail: jasper.nevens@emco-services.be

BTW: BE 0501.930.557

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